Pilots Do Not Lie, the Earth is Curved

Below is a picture a friend sent me. He is a commercial airline pilot; he flies private jets for the clients who can afford it, taking them practically anywhere in the the world. Just last week he flew someone to Spain.

There is much to learn as a pilot, and continued education in his line of work is crucial in order to keep up with regulations, technology, etc.  What you see in this picture is called HUD, Heads Up Display. He describes it as what a “pilot uses to fly the aircraft with maximum precision.” Notice what the “NOTE” says on the bottom left – “At higher altitudes, the horizon line is shown slightly above true horizon due to the curvature of the earth.”

Every REAL pilot, not the ones the flat earthers say are pilots who probably have never flown more than 100 miles, KNOWS that the earth is round, there is no conspiracy to cover up the flat earth by NASA. Their experience and calculations depend on the FACT that the earth is curved and these skilled airmen all over the world are the ones who actually know how to navigate over the curved surface of the earth. Their life, and the lives of their clients and passengers depend on it!



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