The Earth Is Not Flat

The earth is not flat. This is not just my opinion, but it is a fact that has been proven for centuries, and not just by NASA. My purpose in producing this blog is not to try to change the minds of those who have already fallen for the flat earth fallacy, in my opinion, once a person becomes convinced of it, there is almost no turning back. And, if someone really wants to believe in the mind that the earth is flat, if it makes them sleep at night, I really don’t mind, to each his own. But most of the flat earth “pushers” are not just content with believing it for themselves, they push it on people. And when people resist it, or do not go along with the flat earth conspiracy theories, they are ridiculed, mocked, accused of being heretics, Satanists, Freemasons, etc. But what concerns me the most is that they repeatedly cross the line by accusing true, Bible believing Christians of unbelief, not true Creationists, not truly Christians, even accusing us of calling God a liar.

So,on behalf of all the honest, God-fearing Christians, I am here to say it is OK to not be flat. That is, it is OK if you either do not see the relevance of flat earth conspiracy, or you just don’t believe the flat earth lies, and there are a lot of them to not believe.

(Psalms 19:1) “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.”

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